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Marilyn Monroe


- Real name – Norma Jeane Mortenson
- Marilyn’s mother spent many years in a mental hospital. She was in the same hospital where Marilyn’s grandmother died.
- Many directors complained that Marilyn was difficult person to work with. She kept forgetting and bumble words, was late to the shooting, or even disappeared for a few days.
- Marilyn began to go crazy after a miscarriage and divorce with Arthur Miller. She even was treated in a psychiatric hospital in New York for a while.

- There were told that Marilyn had an affair with Robert Kennedy. But there was no physical evidence. It is possible that they were just friends.
- On the last day of filming, the actor of the film “The Misfits” Clark Gable said: “Jesus! I am happy that this film is finally shot. Monroe brought me to a heart attack. ” The next day Clark Gable got heart attack and died after 11 days.
- Tony Curtis who starred with Monroe in “Some Like It Hot”, said about their kiss: “Kissing Marilyn is like kissing Hitler.” Later he said it was just a joke.
- The actress made several plastic surgeries. Surgeons fixed her nose and changed the shape of the chin. In addition, they solved the problem with Marilyn’s hair, which grew up as a triangular projection on the forehead.
- The first independent victory of Marilyn was to get rid of congenital stutter.
- Marilyn Monroe never wore underwear and did not buy it, but never showed it on public.
- Up to 19 years of age Marilyn tried to commit suicide twice. Once she turned on the gas, the second – swallowed sleeping pills.

- Sometimes Marilyn named herself Zelda Zork and wore a black wig not to stand out from the crowd.
- In 1955, Marilyn Monroe formed her own corporation, “Marilyn Monroe Productions”, where she was the President and principal owner of the majority shareholder.
- Being a child, Marilyn was tried to be raped. She lost her virginity being raped by her adoptive “relative”, who threw one coin “for ice cream” after what happened to her. Because of the unfavorable first sexual experience Marilyn was absolutely frigid. She said about sex: “If one day I’ll understand why people are so interested in sex, I will be lucky.”


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